Jacqui Faulkner – My Voiceover Journey

Every voice actor has a story

All of the voiceover artists at voices.com.au have their own story. It’s an occupation that often draws the question from friends and acquaintances “How did you get into that? Well in this series we asked the talent to tell their story. This time its Australian female voiceover artist Jacqui Faulkner. Loads of talent and many faceted. Here is her story

Jacqui Falkner with Dwane Forster (Producer.)

Home grown Talent

I began voice acting approximately fifteen years ago and a home-based studio in Traralgon, Victoria. Here I experimented with and was coached on how to use different accents, types of diction and articulation methods in order to effectively convey different ideas to given audiences. Later I worked on the audio side of a graphic fantasy novel called Fire and Water (written by Australian author, Jo Eshuys). This project required me to use a variety of voices while speaking and singing in character. I narrated parts of the story and sang much of the poetry which was contained in the novel. Most of the audio was recorded at an office-based recording studio in Noosa, QLD. The recordings and my voice coaching was done by Jo himself and his nephew, Duane Forster. Duane is a computer programmer and technician with years of audio experience behind him. From here I moved to Melbourne and began recording professional voice demos at Petrophonic Productions. Here I learned many different techniques and ways to manipulate my voice to suit the promotion of certain products, brands and concepts such as, BIC, Nike and Blockbuster Video. In 2014, I completed a few voice over jobs for YYYfm; a community radio station in Ferny Hills, QLD. Here I created some voice tags which were used between different radio programs, announcement and songs. I also worked for the Ministry of Buzz program which was run on the same radio station. My biggest job was a radio add for Donna Thistlewaites Career Smart Mum’s Workshops. Since then I have continued work in radio for other broadcasters.

I learned many different techniques and ways to manipulate my voice to suit the promotion of certain products

A voice actor and Australian female voiceover artist I currently look up to is Teresa Lim who has done many voice overs for companies such as Nickelodeon, Myer and RACQ. Teresa is renowned for delivering voice takes which sound pristine and which carry the emotion and storytelling that clients love. I would be honoured to have Teresa be my next voice acting coach. I thoroughly enjoy voice over work and I aim to continue this avenue for many years to come. I am a versatile voice actor and am always looking to push myself into new and exciting roles. Let the journey continue!

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