John Hubbard joins

John Hubbard has joined and he has quite a story.

It all started for me in Western Australia in the mid 70’s while John Hubbard was in his  late teens. He was influenced by his uncle, Bill Gill who worked in the radio and TV industry. A defining moment was when his father arranged for him to visit 6KY in Perth and sit in with Rick Stone during his night shift. Rick did VO’s for Johns’ father’s business. John was around 14 at the time and decided that night, that this was what he wanted to do.

John takes up the story.

I completed radio school, got a start doing nights in a country station, then another, then was sacked. Something I became used to over time in the industry!

While searching for another radio job, I recorded a demo cassette to present to a Perth recording studio.

I needed to catch their attention and get it listened to, so accompanying the tape was a very brief description of myself. Some thing along the lines of “Virgin needs an opening. A voice that’s never pricked the ears of a metropolitan audience is now ready and willing to give all.”

I posted it and before the end of the week, was called in. A one-hour + session that paid around $120 if memory serves correctly. Much more than a week’s pay at the radio station. I would go into the recording studio once or twice a week and make enough money to pay the rent, my bar tab and never cook at home. Life was good for a few months but all good things come to an end. The jobs became less frequent and I needed a real job. Back to radio, my first love.

Radio and voice-overs go hand-in-hand. I always remember Friday afternoons at the radio station. I had the gift of churning out 20 scripts one after the other, rarely proof-reading and the production manager laying the music at the same time as we went from script to script so we could be at the pub by 5.                      Great days indeed.

Blessed with parents who always corrected me when I missed-pronounced a word or was lazy with letters like T (It’s not wader it’s waTer always sticks with me) and the ability to adapt to any script has enabled me to continue in the work I love. Long may it continue.  Get Johns great voiceovers at