Pro Voicemail for Landline

$55.00 inc GST

  • If you run your business from your mobile with “Message Bank 101” activated you know how hard it is to record a good message/greeting. You want the greeting to sound professional. We can do it.



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A pro voicemail for your Telstra 101 service.
We have the ability to upload a professional voicemail for landline to your message bank/voicemail so that when someone rings your number and you are too busy to answer it is answered professionally.  When you’re a small operation you don’t always have someone to answer the phone. Instead of losing that caller get a professional voicemail made to make your small business sound big. Get the most out of your messagebank service and don’t miss any sales.

  • These files can also be used on any PABX or VOIP system that has facility for uploading auto answer / IVR messages

The process:

Once you purchase the message bank/voicemail if you don’t have a script and have asked us to create one we will script up a compelling answer and send it to you for approval.  Once approved we will choose a voice from the team of voiceover people who will then record the voiceover and send them to our final production area for assembly into the final product. That final product will be emailed to you for final approval before it is uploaded to your phone.. We will need your phone number and a password to access the system and after we have uploaded it we will encourage you to change that passcode/pin for security purposes.